Fallout 4 fan creates replica tube revolver

The Pipe Revolver is one of the easiest weapons to craft in Fallout 4 and a fan creates a mysterious replica of the minimalist weapon.

Bethesda Softworks is known for creating impressive guns from The Elder Scrolls franchise for the post-apocalyptic Fall universe and fans occasionally create their own versions to put on his mantle. One fallout 4 player has created a physical replica of one of the game’s basic weapons, creating a fallout 4.

Reddit user Air_addict recently posted two pictures of his fallout 4 Pipe Revolver replica, one with an open side view and the other showing it in the aim down position. The weapon looks appropriately rustic as in fallout 4 it appears alongside random materials as opposed to some of the most powerful firearms in games. The fan-made weapon has a high attention to detail and is well crafted to significantly resemble the Pipe Revolver.


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Air_addict’s Pipe Revolver has an identical color scheme to the one shown in fallout 4, with various shades of brown on the cylinder and most of the body of the weapon, and black electrical tape wrapped around the hilt. as in fallout 4, Air_addict’s weapon has a large cylinder that can hold up to six rounds, and is nestled in the middle of the weapon and then leads to the barrel. Inside fallout 4the Pipe Revolver is one of the weakest weapons created long before fallout 4 players encounter nuclear material, and it usually fires 0.45 ammo, but Air_addict’s Pipe Revolver is strictly cosmetic and does not fire.

This fallout 4 fan stated that the Pipe Revolver replica is primarily made of PLA plastic that has been sanded and painted to reflect the in-game item. Air_addict used an 8mm metal thread bar and nuts to hold things in place to maximize authenticity as with others. Fall replicas, with the nuts and a bolt visible in the images. The cylinder that takes up a lot of space on the weapon does not open according to Air_addict who confirmed it is “fixed in place” and emphasized that the weapon is simply a prop.

Although the Pipe guns in fallout 4 seem very uncomfortable to handle, Air_addict confirmed that the duct tape on the handle effectively helps to hold the revolver. One fallout 4 A fan noted how impressive Bethesda Softworks’ weapon design is with the minimalist weaponry, as the Pipe Revolver in the game appears to be made from tubes, wood, rubber, screws, nuts, and other readily available scrap materials. Other Fall fans have pointed out the likelihood that these rustic guns would explode in someone’s hand if they were real, but the Air_addict replica isn’t able to test this theory.

fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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