Genshin Impact Spices From the West Event Guide – How to unlock, Dates, & Rewards

The Spices from the Waste event is a Jenshin Impact event that was postponed due to development issues. Now that things are starting to get back on track, the event is finally happening and this is the first Serenitea pot-centric event to occur in the game. If you are ready to spend a little more time in your Serenitea container, be sure to take part in the event.

Western Spices will run from May 15 to June 7. To start the event, players simply need to talk to them Najafrin In Liyue and meet the following requirements.

  • Reach AR 20: Seasoning unlocked
  • Unlock Serenita pot: Unlock after you lose the first chapter, do three things and arrive at AR 28.
  • Complete the search Lazy talk: Unlocked upon arrival at AR 35 and gives you Realm Dispatch to summon the characters.

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This is an interesting event because you can still get the spice in AR 20, but you will not be able to fully enjoy the event until AR 35. Remember that Maintenance Still running for Serenitea Pot and not sure if it will end before the HoYoverse event.

What are the rewards for the Genshin Impact West event?

The prize money will be announced as the event progresses. Here are the types of rewards that have been confirmed by HoYoverse.

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • The intelligence of the hero
  • Mysterious Enhancement Ore
  • Weapon mounting equipment

You will increase your character Companionship Feel who you share your food with in the Serenitea container.

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