Gotham Knights Video Analyzes Combat Concerns

While still unfinished and unpolished, Gotham Knights’ combat is already criticized by fans who believe its visuals can be improved.

Gotham Knights fans now have a complete idea of ​​how the combat between Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood works. Each character has unique abilities and mechanics that set them apart, and players have the option to play as one or all Gotham Knights‘ playable protagonists in one or two player co-op.

From this week Gotham Knights The gameplay walkthrough finally offered an insight into Nightwing and Red Hood, whose unique gameplay mechanics were previously a mystery. Since this reveal, fans have shared their delight and displeasure with how the gameplay looks compared to Gotham Knights‘ first gameplay show featuring Batgirl and Robin. Gotham Knights It still has five months before its scheduled release date, but one fan has already noticed some issues they have with the combat that Gotham Knights decided to share on Tuesday.


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Redditor u/BeansWereHere does an investigative analysis Gotham Knights‘ newest combat demo at half its normal playback speed. At this speed, and with edits that pause the demo at certain frames, BeansWereHere points out several instances where the character model’s attack animation is out of sync with its hit confirmation and supposed status effects. Yellow bars are noticed before Nightwing’s attack, for example, which are followed by an out-of-place “explosive effect”. Likewise, BeansWereHere notes what they call a “moon walk”.

“Moon walking” is the term used to describe when the character fluctuates between blows on two or more enemies, and they slide back and forth with animations in between. In this gameplay demo, Nightwing slides across the roof on his knees and gracefully spins and turns to reach the next enemy AI. This is what WB Games Montreal game director Geoff Ellenor described as ping pong, which represents Batman: Arkham‘s Freeflow combat.

Some fans argue that exceptions were made for Batman: Arkhamobvious “walk on the moon” due to the smoothness and speed of its animations. Furthermore, Batman: ArkhamOnly’s “moonwalk” became truly chaotic when players received exceptionally high combo scores, making the character’s attacks faster and stronger. The fans finally wish that Gotham Knights‘ the animations looked smooth, mainly because Gotham Knights has been confirmed as a next-gen console exclusive.

Later in the demo, Nightwing’s sparks are blue instead of yellow, and the character can be seen using an elemental cryostasis status effect. This might suggest that the yellow color and perceived explosive effect are specific status effects that Nightwing equipped at the start of the demo. However, there are still apparent desynchronization and delay issues that BeansWereHere correctly points out. WB Games Montreal still has time to polish Gotham Knights and we hope to fix the issues fans noticed in their latest demo.

Gotham Knights is scheduled to release on October 25th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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