How to beat all bosses in Core Keeper

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The Core Keeper is an isometric cave crawler and explorer with a systematically created world. There are half a dozen bosses for you to kill in each world, each grown in a unique position.

Below, we describe how you can defeat the various masters of Core Keeper and the strategies you should use to survive. Note that all of this is considered a single-player game. In multiplayer, the tactics and techniques that you can use to defeat the boss in the core keeper are very different.

Disgusting Mass Glrch

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Glurch, The Abominus Mass, is the first boss and it is located to find large concentrations of slime and search for vibrations, which jump up and down from the large slime and come up and down.

This giant slam is a pretty easy fight; All you need is a copper sword and some patience. Defeating him is to avoid jumping attacks and hitting him once or twice when he lands. If you really want to over-gear it, a full copper armor will help you avoid some hits. In low health, these bosses get angry and attack more frequently. You will only be able to get one attack in the jump at this point.

The Hive Mom

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For Hive Mother, you’ll want to get a good reason. This is due to the insane amount of damage to the dish out of the hive mom and her minions. Identify the hive mother by its base in the clay cave. You will probably want iron armor or better for this fight.

Due to the limited space of the fight, it is recommended to use a shovel or pick to find a place around the boss field for this fight. It also helps to prevent any bad surprises from involving other people.

When a fight breaks out, move on and avoid the acid that the boss shoots at you. When a cocoon grows, attack quickly to prevent further enemies from breeding. By about half health, she will begin to grow multiple cocoons, so deal with them and any hatched enemies before continuing the fight. At about 10% health, he will get angry, which means he will shoot you more acid.

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Ghoram The Divorce

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Ghoram moves around a huge circle around the primary spawn of your base. You will need extra speed to fight him from magic items or food. The Slime Sword from Gluch’s statue is also a great tool for walking. This is because it slows down the person you are attacking with it.

This fight is scary but possible. Ghoram is being chased in the first episode. This is just a case of going round and round and dealing with damage. At a certain point, Ghoram will stop running and start chasing you. At the moment, it’s a case of evading his well-telegraphed attacks because he speeds up and tries to hit you. Avoid damage, and kill Ghoram.

Azios the Sky Titan

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At the moment you are in front of the Titan bosses. The first and probably easiest is Aegis the Sky Titan. A giant flying creature, Aegis, attacks by making huge pillars of lightning. This fight is really a healing and armor test, rather than intimidation.

After the lightning strikes the pillar, it produces blue crystals. These must be destroyed using mining tools such as pickaxes to prevent the aegis from healing. The best strategy is to decorate a blowpipe with poison, as it reduces the boss’s healing from crystals. Damage it with a blowpipe and keep the crystals to a minimum. You’re here to go a long way, so just be patient and let the bird go!

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Ivy the Poisonous Mass

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Ivy is a very powerful version of First Boss Ghoram, who can poison you and summon poisonous slims. What makes this fight so difficult is how much damage the poison does. The best option for this fight is to get a complete scarlet armor and a wide range of weapons.

You really want to be as far away from Ivy as she can when she jumps, and has plenty of healing and antidote resistance. Aside from the poison, it’s not a tough fight, and you should be prepared enough to defeat Ivy.

Malugaz The Corrupt

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One of the unique bosses of Malugaz Core Keeper is that they are not a giant monster that you must avoid being trampled underfoot. Instead, this boss has two stages. In his first episode, Maluguz will fire at you, and in the second, he will summon three fire areas of long-range attack after casting. This stage is a case of avoiding damage and dealing with extensive damage over time, and blows if you can get close enough without having a fireball in your mouth.

After lowering Malugaz to 0 hp, he will enter his second phase. Whether you like it or not it will be a skirmish, and he will chase you with each blow attack creating the same fire area of ​​impact attack. Run around and drag him to avoid attack. Remember to stay in high health, because a good blow from Malugaaz can kill you!

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