How To Beat Mohg, Lord Of Blood

Mohag, Lord of Blood is a powerful woman who lives deep in the river Siofra Alden Ring. She is said to have gained her power through contact with an external God called the formless mother. Another version of the boss, Mohag, can be fought at the subterranean Shanning-Ground in Lendel, Royal Capital, Omen.

Lord of Blood Women is the twin brother of King Margot, who is seen guarding the Eredtri Alden Ring. Although they are siblings, each of them has a unique fighting style that sets him apart from others.

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Where can you find Lord of Blood in Alden Ring?

Mohag, lord of blood, can be found Southwest of the entrance to the tomb of the Grace dynasty lost in Mohaguin Palace. This underground area can be reached using a widget near the Yelf Annex ruins at Holy Snowfield.

Players must collect the Haligtree Secret Medallion and use it on Roald’s Grand Lift to get to the secret area of ​​Mountaintops of the Giants. Alden Ring.

Another method is to complete the first few steps of the questline of the White Mask weight, which helps the stigmatized to reach the Mohagoin Palace in the opening game.

After soaking the Lord of Grace in the blood of a girl, talk to her Of the Alden Ring Heavy to get the Pureblood Nights Medal. This item allows players an audience with Mohg, Lord of Blood, thus teleporting the stigmatized Mohgwyn Palace after using it.

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How to defeat the lure of blood in the Alden Ring

Mohag, Lord of Blood There are various measures of warfare that cause bleeding (bleeding) and fire damage. Ironically, he is vulnerable to bleedingWhich means swarms of flies Alden Ring The mantra will greatly help the players in this fight.

In addition to bleeding, Mohg Physical Attack and Gravity Spelling Weak. On the other hand, he is resistant to fire, frostbite, scarlet rot and poison.

Armors have resistance that will protect players from certain losses. Therefore, for Mohag, it is the best Equip an armor that has good firmness and fire resistance. The Alden Ring Armor will not protect the stigma from everything, but it will reduce the damage.

Like something Alden Ring Boss fights, Mohg has two stages. In the first, he is fairly easy to hit and does not move around too much. The second stage is much harder, because the lord of blood is flying most of the time. To make it easier, here is a complete list of his attacks ৷

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Bloodflame talents

Mohag will swipe his left hand and make three big slashes that will explode and cause decent damage. The main thing is to move away from the attack before the explosion.


An opening is seen above the mohawk, in which he clasps his hand then sprinkles the player with a flame of blood which will remain on the floor and the bleeding will increase. Bloodboon can be done in a variety of ways, but the most commonly used are horizontal pressure and bloodflame rain.

The former is used when the stigma is in the medium range, and It can be evaded by rolling on the ground while avoiding flames. For Bloodflame rain, this can happen as soon as the players get too close to Mohag. Before avoiding it, give it a whirl and hit it a few times on the back, then run away.

Swing the spear

The Lord of Blood is waving his spear in a 3-4 hit combo that can be stopped by rolling on each swing. If he throws his weapon on the ground, he has an open to attack.

The shackles of fascination This is one of the items that may have stopped the Lord of Blood in its first episode. The item can be obtained from the underground Shanning-Ground near Leyndell Catacombs.


Mohag will hold his spear horizontally and then move towards the stigma. If the attack is avoided, there is a big opening for the players to deal with the loss. Alden Ring Rock sling is a great option, as it is vulnerable to gravitational attacks.

Ritual countdown

The Lord of Blood throws his spear into the air and shouts “Trace”, “Duo” and “Unus” and with each count, he will put a red ring around the players until there are three. Mohag’s back is completely weak during this move.

Blood transfusion

Blood transfusion is undoubtedly the most dangerous attack. After Mohag’s HP drops significantly, he will hold his weapon in both hands and shout “nihil” three times, eating one ring each time. Each scream will cause extensive damage to the players and restore the health of the mogul.

Unfortunately, this attack is inevitable, but there are ways to reduce the damage. Acquires Pure crystal tears From Bloody Finger Eleanors, Mohag’s attack will no longer affect the stigmatized.

Airborne Assault

During his second episode, Mohag flashes a giant wing on his back. He will then use them to fly away from the players and then charge back on the strong swing attack. Not far from it, it is better to roll through the attack.

Defeating Mohag, the Lord of Blood rewards players with 420,000 runes, Mohag’s Great Rune and Remembrance of the Blood Lord.

Alden Ring Now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X | S.

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