How to win as a Survivor in Evil Dead The Game

Since Evil Dead looks a lot like Dead by Dead, players may assume that the rules are the same – but they are not. Being a survivor is much more time consuming than it seems, and you must follow multiple steps to be successful. The following list of straightforward steps tells you exactly how to win as a survivor of Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead Steps to Win as a Survivor

  1. The first step is to detect scattering Map pieces On the map.
  2. Map pages take you Necronomic pageWhich you can stand near them for about 10 to 15 seconds.
    • During this time your position will be known to a bunch of dead, all of whom will attack you. As a team you can easily lose them.
  3. Now Candarian dagger Will appear. Pick it up through the same process used for necronomic pages.
  4. Finally, you can Kill more than darkness Which will appear on your mini-map. To fight them, you just need a Kandarian dagger (Ctrl Key on a PC). In doing so, you need to avoid their attacks.
    • It’s very simple, dodge whenever Dark One attacks and keep using Candarian Dagger. It doesn’t take much time because Dark One has three small health bars.
  5. Stop the violation.
    • Move where they were, then the next part will start.
  6. Necronomicon protection. This is the only difficult part, since the nectar will target the book which is just turning the pages in the wind. This should continue for a while before the book ends. If you protect the book from the immortals they can do a lot of damage to it, you win.

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These tasks themselves are relatively simple. It’s easy to kill the dead, especially with your team. What makes Evil Dead a challenge is trying to accomplish all of these tasks while dealing with monster players. Monster players don’t die, they just stop capturing enemies, which makes them a constant obstacle. They may be dead, trees, cars and anything else they need to stop you.

Also, the best move for a monster player is to appear as a Big Boss with lots of health. In this form, they are quite powerful and have different types of spellings depending on their class. If you have a team of survivors and you work together, you can usually get the monster player out relatively easily, but you need a qualified team for that.

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