Minecraft player recreates Chinatown from Batman: Arkham Knight’s Bleake Island

In discussing the most influential superhero video game franchises to emerge in recent years, Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham The series is sure to be mentioned by players and critics alike. As of 2009 with arkham asylum all the way to 2015 arkham knight, each installment in the series was often met with critical acclaim for almost every aspect. But, in addition to the characters, gameplay and story, one of the biggest highlights is the iconic locations in which each game takes place. Now a skilled player has recreated a legendary area of arkham knightshowing what it would be like in the world of blocks of Minecraft.


For the uninitiated, while Minecraft It mainly features modes where the main objective is to survive against the odds, those feeling a little inspired can jump into Creative mode to make some impressive Minecraft construction projects. This mode grants players an unlimited amount of blocks and materials, as well as a guaranteed absence of enemy mobs. So with a large chunk of the player base using this mode to recreate popular video game and movie setups, it should come as no surprise that a committed builder has invested the time in bringing a slice of Gotham to life. Minecraft.

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Leaving many community members in awe of the sheer scale of block production, Reddit user iIRaptorIi_DC recently revealed his latest recreation based on part of the iconic Bleake Island district in Batman Arkham Knight. Shortly after sharing the four images included in the post that show the extraordinarily detailed recreation, Reddit users quickly got to know the massive build with over 1,500 upvotes on the site. Minecraft subreddit. Many users even stopped in the comments section to praise iIRaptorIi_DC in their efforts, as they enjoyed seeing such a legendary location from the game transported to Minecraft.

This Minecraft crossing with bat Man have everything. Bearing an unbelievably heavy resemblance to your arkham knight In contrast, this version of Chinatown is home to many retail stores, banks and entertainment facilities. However, more notable than the other environmental icons is the looming but luminous clock tower that can be seen in the distance. Between the Chinatown and Cauldron districts of Bleake Island, this iconic clock tower surprisingly manages to retain all of its quintessential imagery and the warm, bright lighting that is also seen in arkham knight.

With this dazzling Minecraft fan creation going viral in the community, I hope this serves as motivation for players to aspire to replicate Gotham’s most iconic landmarks. With that, it’s intriguing to see what other incentivized frameworks gamers can deliver to the community in the coming days.

Minecraft is now available for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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