MultiVersus gameplay videos debut ahead of closed alpha, announced $100K Evo tournament

MultiVersus, the upcoming fighting platformer that brings the WB brands together under a fight for all, finally got its first official look at gameplay with a Pros vs. devs In the 18-minute video, two professional fighting game players, NAKAT and VoiD, face off against Player First Games developers, director Tony Huynh and lead developer Daniel Kraft, in a 2v2 competition.

Enjoy the video above to see what real MultiVersus matches look like in the format the game was built on: two-on-two team battles. KATAT and VoiD are the main contenders in the initial tests of MultiVersus, taking first place in a closed alpha team tournament, so the action at hand is fast. Only four characters are shown in the video – Tom and Jerry, Superman, Shaggy and Wonder Woman – but there’s a lot to learn about how each character plays if you look closely. We also take a look at the UI used in fights, with the numbers representing the damage taken on each player always showing directly below that character’s model. It took me a while to get used to the change to the classic Smash Bros. interface, but I understand how it might be more readable at first glance.

Along with this first look at MultiVersus gameplay, Warner Bros. Games and Player First Games have announced a 32-team tournament that will take place at Evo in August. The prize pool for the event is $100,000, setting the challenge of potentially large payouts for those who place well in the competition.

MultiVersus has had some minor closed alpha testing, but will move into another phase of testing starting May 19. to play in the 9-day event on the game’s website. MultiVersus does not yet have a release date, but is targeting the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as a free-to-play product with cross-play and cross-progression.

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