PlayStation Employees Upset Over Jim Ryan’s Reproductive Rights Email

PlayStation’s Jim Ryan finds himself in trouble with employees after an email about reproductive rights was seen as controversial by some.

With most game companies having some form of social media presence, often these days the public can expect publishers and developers to have a say in political matters. Not all video game creators get involved in politics, and some gamers firmly believe that companies should keep their creative medium. However, sometimes those in the gaming industry take a stand on an issue, as a recent blog post by destination 2 Bungie developer who saw him make a statement about the possible overthrow of Roe v Wade. game stations Jim Ryan also made a statement on the matter.


Ryan’s email wasn’t necessarily intended for audience or public exposure, but due to its nature, it found the PlayStation CEO in a controversial position with the team. Ryan sent an email to the PlayStation team on May 12, which pertained to various current events. Most notably, he addressed the recent leak of a US Supreme Court opinion on Roe v Wade, in which the 1973 case that legalized abortion could be overturned.

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According to reports, Ryan’s email dodged a firm stance on both sides of the matter, and instead he chose to highlight the diversity of opinion within PlayStation. “We owe each other and the millions of PlayStation users to respect differences of opinion,” Ryan wrote. This caused controversy among some PlayStation employees, who believed that Ryan should have taken a stand on the political issue. Typically, game companies feel pressured to comment on major events. However, this often pertains to issues within the industry, such as Phil Spencer saying that Xbox should work to better meet deadlines after Starfield’s delay.

After his statement about respect and differences of opinion, Ryan skirted the difficult discussion to give PlayStation employees a more lighthearted ending to the message. Ryan described in the email his two cats’ birthday party and expressed his wish for a dog one day. While it may seem out of the blue, Jim Ryan often shares his opinions on various topics, such as when he stated that live service games would be more important than subscription services like PlayStation Plus.

However, on this occasion, some fans and staff weren’t exactly happy with Ryan’s diversion of a real-world issue. As pressure grows for video game companies to speak up about global issues, and more publishers and developers are speaking out about political events, it can be harder to avoid topics like Jim Ryan did without creating a backlash. Considering that Ryan wants hundreds of millions of people to have access to PlayStation games, he may be avoiding what could be a controversial political stance.

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