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Late spring and early summer are always very exciting times Pokemon Go As the weather warms up, fans and the community head out for the biggest events of the year. GO Fest 2022 is just a few weeks away, but some popular activities are already taking place throughout the month of May to keep players busy and engaged.

In addition to the return of the popular Water Festival, there are some new and exciting Battle Raids for players to hunt this month. Tapu Fini is running a 5-star campaign Pokemon Go, Which means some players need to study at the best counters and prepare a brand new roster for feature fights. Tapu Fini is now available on the Five-Star Battle Raid and players will have to fight the boss for a chance at the legendary encounter until May 25, 2022.

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Tapu Fini is a water- and fairy-type which is a very interesting pair. This combo offers some very interesting counters for working with players. The best strategy is to go around fielding a team that has the best electric-, grass- and poison-type available …

The best tapu finny counter

Mega Gangster – Leak / Sludge Bomb

Jacrome – Charge Beam / Wild Charge

Zarude – Grape Whip / Power Whip

Rogered – Poison Jab / Solar Beam

Thunderus (Therian) – Volt switch / Thunderbolt

Raiko – Thunder Shock / Wild Charge

Magnesium – Spark / Wild Charge

Electivir – Thunder Shock / Wild Charge

Deoxis (attack) – poison jab / zap cannon

As always, players should keep in mind that they do not need to assemble this exact roster to successfully land Big Boss. The most important thing is to fight with the right number of allies (in this case at least four or five experienced players) and stick to the opportunity to weaken Tapu Fini. In this case, it means fielding a roster regardless of the best electric-, grass- and poison-type available. Players can also spend some Stardust, Elite TM and Candy to strengthen the roster and get the best move set in place.

The last days of the Alola season are currently underway, but it won’t be long before news about the game’s summer season begins to come. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more details, updates and guides.

Pokemon Go Now available on mobile devices.

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