Silent Hill Leaker Gets Hit with DMCA Removals for Uploaded Images

Silent Hill rumors have been fueled once again as a leaker receives a copyright strike after posting footage of an alleged upcoming game.

For many in the horror community, the dormant status of the silent Hill series left a hole in people’s hearts. As one of the most influential horror games of all time, 1999’s first installment offered something far darker and twisted than games like resident Evil. As a result, fans have been clamoring for a new entry, especially since the cancellation of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s collaboration on silent hills, which would have seen the return of the titular haunted city. So far, no speculation has been solid enough to be considered legitimate, but one person may have offered some hope.


In a series of now-deleted images on Twitter, a leaker known as Aesthetic Gamer AKA Dusk Golem attempted to prove that a silent Hill game has been in development for some time. The four images posted appeared to be screenshots or concept art from the much-rumored project, but have since been replaced with a message stating only that their removal was due to a report from the copyright holder.

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Although there have been many silent Hill Rumored in the past, the fact that this latest leak was hit with a DMCA takedown is leading many to suspect that this could have been legitimate. It’s a “grain of salt” situation, and as there’s been no word from Konami or any other official party denying or verifying it, it’s best to take it for what it’s worth. The images are available to anyone interested in locating them, but they will not be found in this article due to possible copyright issues.

Since the images were published and later removed, the fanbase has once again discussed who could offer a successful sequel to the game. silent Hill franchise. Many suspect that layers of fear studio Bloober Team could take over, but some are worried about it. While The medium received decent reviews, some question the developer’s inability to write well about sensitive topics such as mental illness.

It’s no secret that silent Hill it is considered one of the best psychological horror games on the market, especially the 2001 sequel. With the loss of the Kojima/del Toro project several years ago, there was a gap that fans had been hoping would be filled. At the time of writing, there is no way of knowing if this current leak is real or not, but we expect more solid proof to arrive at some point.

ONE silent Hill there are rumors that the game is in development.

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