Sony working to make its games faster

A recent Sony patent would provide gamers with easy-to-access features around playability and also allow them to compete with friends.

Many people who play video games do so simply as a hobby. Others enjoy the competitive edge that games can provide. There is the more traditional PvP competition found in shooter games like call to action and Counterattackas well as MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2. For single-player games, it can be harder for people to find this competition. However, thanks to speedrunning, players can now match their times with the online community of a given game. Since its launch, for example, Elden ring speedrunners have consistently set world records, and an easy way to see the best times can be a welcome convenience.


Now, Sony is looking to make speedrunning a little easier on their platforms. While speedrunning is incredibly popular in games, especially for streaming, it’s seen as something that isn’t immediately accessible to many. Assuming a game like Elden ring requires hours and hours to find the strategies needed to complete the game as quickly as possible. However, with a new patent from Sony, it might be easier to get into speedrunning and for a player to record their times.

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The new patent concerns reproducible activities for interactive content titles. The patent mentions the possibility of implementing a ranking system in games and clarifies that replayable activities would be competitive in nature. Basically, the patent appears to allow players of a given game to record their scores and times for a given activity, not just allowing for repetition, but emphasizing it. Considering that the patent mentions certain activities and not the entire game, this implies that there could be event-specific rankings, in the same way that some Hitman players speed up specific levels instead of the entire game.

By creating its own rating system, it seems that Sony would prefer its users not to register their speedruns on third-party sites. However, as speedrunning takes place on all platforms and a fair amount of speedrunners still use older consoles to find new exploits in games like the original Super Mario Brosit is doubtful that Sony will take possession of the speedrunning sphere.

This Sony patent is likely to simply make speedrunning accessible to gamers who currently find the whole process confusing. Instead of relying on other software to record your times and put them into a leaderboard system, Sony will have its own league for in-game activities. This news follows another recent patent developed by Sony that aims to make its new hardware features easier to understand.

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