Tips For The Emerald Plains Map

Revealed in Operation Demon Veil, Emerald Plains serves as the newest map to ever grace Rainbow Six Siege, and it contains staple Rainbow Six elements to make it as engaging a map as possible. Located on Northern Island, Emerald Plains is actually both a private ranch and a country club, with two floors with rather unique layouts and aesthetics that players need to prepare for.

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In true Rainbow Six fashion, this particular Rainbow Six Siege map has a more modernized first floor in contrast to the more classical take of the club’s second story, forcing players to constantly prepare their eyes for visual adjustments and equally more straightforward callouts. However, how can players maximize their usage of the Emerald Plains Map?


Emerald Plains: Patience Is Key

Due to the larger size of Emerald Plains compared to other locations, players may tend to feel overwhelmed and want to get straight into the action to capitalize on easy wins. Don’t do this, especially since the open nature of Emerald Plains can leave any side vulnerable when not properly considered. Here are things to check:

  • Think Large Spaces: Imagine Emerald Plains like other maps like Theme Park where large open spaces are more prevalent. In that regard, players on the offense should consider hard breachers to assume control of the larger segments of the map.
  • Peeks And Flanks: Given the large scope of Emerald Plains, there’s a lot of potential for rotates here. However, players on the Defender side should remember to be more patient in terms of kills. Try to make Attackers have a lot of inconveniences in the form of traps and setbacks, but never to the point of forcing a direct confrontation – especially when the Attackers are all in one spot. Prioritize careful peeking and flanking, even outgunning Attackers, especially when they start to roam the objective.

Basic Defense: Extended Setups Are Key Here

Unlike other maps, it’s important for Emerald Plains Defenders to guarantee the long-term survival of the site and not just immediate defense. Large rooms occupy Emerald Plains, meaning they’re more or less bunkers that have to be fortified to last sustainable damage.

Defenders in this regard would have to ensure they’re able to project their defenses past the rooms and into hallways themselves, but leaving just about enough utility to fortify these defenses or switch strategies on the get-go. For these extended setups to work, Operators that can tap into flexible destructive patterns can ensure Attackers are stalled until they lose the match.

Reinforcements: Watch Out For Vulnerable Spots

With Emerald Plains designed to be a site fitting for an executive and their guests, the rather civilian nature of the place means it’s likely made to be extremely accessible for civilians – meaning they’re rather vulnerable on the get-go. Here are some tips to defend vulnerable site locations:

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  • 1F Bar: One of the trickier spots to defend is 1F Bar, due to its proximity to a lot of the places in 1F. If possible, try to reinforce the hatch leading to it as soon as possible to deny vertical entry, and then secure the walls leading from 1F Lounge, 1F Pool, and 1F Stock. If possible, Defenders should set traps in the aforementioned points as the Attackers may want to get this location secure to get the advantage on angles.
  • 1F Dining/Kitchen: Perhaps the most versatile part of the map in terms of defensive angles, players should consider exploring the capabilities of both their natural and deployable defenses here. Creating a line of sight on both sides will allow players to view almost all entry points leading into the area. The only tricky part to defend here are two fragile external walls that lead into 1F Pantry, the only other area leading into the site.
  • 2F CEO/Admin: Players tasked to defend this location need to barricade the windows immediately to deny entry from Hard Breachers, as well as try to open up the horizontal soft wall on the balcony outside to ensure Attackers can’t just burst in and attack. Consider how the balcony just outside 2F CEO is made out of soft wall, however, which means Attackers can simply burst in and strike – particularly to the door on the side that can peek into further locations in 2F.
  • 2F Meeting/Gallery: Given the rather central layout of 2F Meeting/Gallery, the abundance of columns and soft walls, as well as doorways, make this area tricky to defend. The best bet here is to barricade the soft walls from 2F Vault leading to the balcony outside to deny external entry, as well as the door leading into 2F Archives.

Defender Operators: Roaming With A Dash Of Flanks

When it comes to a map like Emerald Plains that motivates roaming, it helps to ensure that the Defender’s Operators of choice are capable of flanking and outmaneuvering foes that can try to exploit their defenses. These include not just those that specialize in disrupting foes, but also those that can create defenses on the fly:

  • Mute: Considering the rather roaming-heavy nature of Emerald Plains, Mute’s carefully-placed Signal Disruptors can ensure multiple lines of entry are defended from an Attacker’s remote gadgets – rendering their utilities wasted and useless. This gives the team time to head back and kill Attackers during their assault, especially if they have to resort to roaming as a Plan B.
  • Kaid: Technically a reinforcer, Kaid’s Electroclaw can electrify various deployables such as deployable shields, barbed wires, hatches, and reinforced walls. This not only destabilizes gadgets in its close vicinity but enhances them to make it harder for Attackers to breach. With the roam-heavy nature of Emerald Plains, the time it takes for Attackers to breach through can let the Defenders go back for the fierce counter.
  • Azami: Thanks to her Kiba Barrier, Azami can expand on any holes in the team’s defense and essentially transform tricky spots into perfectly defensible positions. Given the roam-heavy nature of Emerald Plains, being able to adjust to spotty defensive zones can greatly aid the Defenders in securing the win.
  • Vigil: Given how Emerald Plains encourages more roaming on the parts of Defenders, a silent flanker like Vigil is the right person to eliminate Attackers on the fly. His ERC-7 Electronic Rendering Cloak allows him to remove himself from any cameras in the vicinity, catching enemies by surprise by the time they see him moving in their direction without any discernible digital footprint.

Basic Attack: Punish The Bunkers

While extended setups will likely mean Defenders can have a more comfortable time defending the site in the comfort of their well-fortified fortresses, Attackers can actually use this to their advantage and outright punish Defenders for their overconfidence.

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The key here is to ensure that Attackers carry with them two Hard Breachers to be able to attack two positions at the same time, forcing Defenders to leave the comfort of their fortifications to try and secure one or both sites. Securing just one site will leave the other one wide open for flanking while trying to secure both will have their numbers too thin and leave them wide open for the kill.

Offense: Utilize Interconnectivity To Secure Sites

One of the best features of Emerald Plains is how its sites are often interconnected by nature, allowing Attackers to secure them much faster provided they know exactly where to locate adjacent rooms and weak spots. Aside from capitalizing on these vulnerabilities, these sites are often filled with indestructible natural cover, making for some interesting live defense tactics. Here are things to consider:

  • 1F Bar: Curated for guests are the 1F Bar and 1F Lounge, with the safety of the back part of the bar being the best planting site due to its natural defenses. Attackers may want to consider securing 1F Stock and 1F Pool to get a better look into 1F Bar, or even get to its 2F hatch to make a surprise attack from above.
  • 1F Dining: Beside 1F Kitchen is 1F Dining, two bomb sites that provide Attackers with quite a lot of flexibility in terms of exploiting defense. One great way to attack this area is from 1F Pantry, which has a soft external wall prime for breaching. If not that, 1F Dining is much easier to contest considering its natural defenses.
  • 2F CEO Office: Within the proximity of the 2F Administration Room is the 2F CEO Office, where a spacious and comfortable lounge fit for an executive sits right on one of the most vulnerable sites on the map.
  • 2F Private Gallery: Along the 2F Meeting Room is the 2F Private Gallery, which is a sprawling gallery of artworks. It’s a relatively open area situated along the center of 2F, making it a tricky spot to defend due to its proximity to other areas. While it’s easy to access the area from the balcony outside, this is likely heavily fortified. One of the key ways to circumvent this defense is to secure entry here via the balcony leading into either 2F Vault or 2F Archives.

Offense: Punish Roaming

In order to secure the offense in a roaming-prone area like Emerald Plains, the Attackers need to be composed of Operators that not only could breach through defenses quickly but are also capable of jumping Defenders trying to outmaneuver them. As such, players about to pick Attackers for Emerald Plains should choose Attackers specifically with these specializations:

  • Hard Breacher: For a large map like Emerald Plains, the Hard Breacher should focus on tearing open a clearer path to the site for the Attacking team. While this puts the Defenders on high guard to focus on a particular location, this leaves the rest of the team open for a counter-offensive.
  • Soft Breacher: While the Hard Breacher opens up major segments of the map, it’s up to the Soft Breacher to secure zones for easier rotations and flanking.
  • Disruptor: With the Disruptor in play, their gadgets and utilities should be maximized to disable the gadgets of the Defenders and even ensure they don’t get to react just as fast when it comes to the Attackers’ tactics.
  • Flanker: Essentially the mobile powerhouse of the team, the Flanker should focus on hardline anti-mobility tactics, trapping Defenders and forcing them in uncomfortable positions for the kill.

Attacker Operators: Roaming WIth A Dash Of Disruption

Due to the nature of Emerald Plains as a map that inspires roaming, Attackers need to be able to adjust to battlefield situations on the spot – especially with Defenders roaming about. Saboteurs, Flankers, and Disruptor Operators are highly needed in these areas. Thankfully, here are some ideal Operator selections for the attacking team:

  • Ace: With the active roaming nature on both floors of Emerald Plains, it makes sense for someone like Ace to be the ever-reliant Hard Breacher. His SELMA Breaching Device not only gives him the ability to establish a line of sight on surfaces but surfaces large enough can explode wide enough for Operators to pass through, making it much easier to bypass defenses.
  • Hibana: Although a Hard Breacher, Hibana’s X-KAIROS launcher allows her to deploy explosive rounds that not only can detonate to destroy surfaces but even disable deployable utilities, such as Jaeger’s Active Defense Systems. This allows Hibana to be a mobile disruptor, in the sense that she can easily make deployable defenses useless.
  • Maverick: While perfectly capable of being a Hard Breacher, Maverick’s Breaching Torch is more a secondary utility than a primary breaching tool. More of a Soft Breacher, Maverick is best used when removing reinforcements, allowing Attackers to flank or roam around to catch the Defenders off-guard.
  • Nomad: Essentially a Flanker, Nomad and her Airjab repulsion grenades detonate within the vicinity of enemies, allowing her to destabilize flanking Defenders, especially with the heavy-roam nature of Emerald Plains. The distance element the deployable Airjabs provide also helps Nomad and the team determine where specific roamers may be located.

Rainbow Six Siege was released in 2015 and is available for play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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