Ubisoft Paris is working on an unannounced AAA open world game

One of Ubisoft’s most prominent studios is looking for a level designer for an unannounced, apparently open-world, AAA shooter title.

It is given that Ubisoft has potentially dozens of different games in active development at any given time. But finding news about the studio’s unannounced and unknown projects remains an exciting prospect, regardless. While the publisher has already confirmed that it has three major releases slated for the relatively near future, this is just the beginning.

Specifically, Ubisoft Paris has just published a new job listing for a lead-level designer to work on an unannounced AAA project. Most of the information around the game is still obfuscated, but the old Ghost Recon: Breakpoint developer may have already hinted at the nature of this mysterious title.


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Now that Ubisoft has ended support for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the publisher’s Paris branch appears to have been moved to a new AAA production. As per the job listing in question, the team is looking for a level designer who has extensive experience in producing open world shooters, as well as a penchant for “rational” level design. Historically, Ubisoft Paris has worked on Ghost Recon, Raymanand Just dance franchises, and it’s really just Ghost Recon that fits the bill for this particular job listing.

Keeping this in mind, other sources claim that a new Ghost Recon The game is already in development, which suggests that Ubisoft Paris has been given an entirely different IP. Whatever the case, the studio’s unannounced project may well have a strong narrative bent, according to a different job listing that reveals the team is looking for a new narrative designer. There, the pitch lists titles like Ghost Recon breakpoint and Watch Legion of Dogs as examples of what the studio is looking for.

While there should be three major Ubisoft game releases before March 2023, the chances of this specific Ubisoft Paris project being one of them are pretty slim. Job listings imply that the project is still in the early stages of production, and development of a new AAA open-world shooter – if that’s really what it ends up being – will no doubt take a few years at the very least. That said, it’s not impossible for the project to receive an official announcement in the interim.

According to leaks, there could be over 20 Ubisoft games slated to be announced in the coming months. While some of them are already a known quantity, leakers claim that not all of them are and the publisher may have big news in the near future. Whether the mysterious Ubisoft Paris production is included here, of course, no one knows at this point.

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