What is Zenless Zone Zero? Release date, trailer, closed beta, and more

The new title that has entered HoYoverse is an action RPG called Genless Zone Zero. Not much is known about ZZZ, as it was officially released on May 13, 2022. There were many rumors for publication, but now we have more specific information. Below you can find out what we know about ZZZ.

What we know about Janless Zone Zero

What is the release date of Janless Zone Zero?

Here No official release date There is still a timeline for Zenless Zone Zero, so, unfortunately, any timeline for ZZZ will be estimated, although it took several years for Jenshin Impact to be released. To stay updated, follow the official Geneless Zone Zero Twitter. You can watch the trailer for the release on the Genless Zone Zero YouTube channel.

How to sign up for Geneless Zone Zero Beta

There’s one Close beta sign up Running for ZZZ. You can go to the official Genless Zone Zero website to register the beta. Just click the sign up button and fill out the survey. Although it confirms that you will be selected.

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Genless Zone Zero will be on which platform?

So far, Janless has been confirmed for Zone Zero PC and iOS. No wording has been made on other platforms since the game was announced, but it was ported to additional platforms after the release of Genshin Impact and other Miyo titles.

What is Geneless Zone Zero?

Genless Zone Zero is a new game from miHoYo and enters HoYoverse, along with Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact and much more. This is a Action RPG With a chic cinematic battle style. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with an urban fantasy theme where civilization is trying to recover from a catastrophe called the Holocaust.

ZZZ features a variety of characters working together. They call the new city of Eridu their home and must protect it from the demons. These partners will be tested as they navigate different teams and uncover a mysterious conspiracy.

Genless Zone Zero is a tree game?

Most games on miHoYo have some kind of gacha system, so ZZZ could probably be a gacha game or feature gacha mechanics. It is pure Speculation Nothing has been confirmed for the new HoYoverse title.

Geneless Zone Zero Trailer

With the release of ZZZ, miHoYo has released a cinematic trailer that gives a glimpse into the world of games, including a hint at setting, character and gameplay. You can watch the Geneless Zone Zero trailer below.

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