Where to Find Shield Bubble

Shield Bubble is a utility item that has been added Fortnite In August 2019, the vault will be opened just two months later. That said, Shield bubbles are now back in the Royal Sensation of War, although they may only be available for a limited time. For players who want to use a shield bubble Fortnite Before returning to the vault, if it turns out to be his destiny, details of where the item came from can be found in this guide.

Fortnite: Shield bubble position

Players looking for a shield bubble should keep their eyes peeled Floor loot Appears in every position throughout that FortniteMap of In fact, the item has a chance to appear in these random spawns and fans who are adamant in their search should finally find one. It is only until the end of Monday, May 16, that the shield bubble will return to the vault at that time.

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However, this could be another temporary absence for the item, as the community will have the opportunity to vote for a more permanent inclusion of the shield bubble in the loot pool. That voting is expected to begin next week, and it will go against the Shield bubble balloon, which has also come out of the vault for the weekend. Players who wish to participate in this decision should be sure to stock up on some gold bars FortniteWhich will be used for voting.

Fortnite: How to use Shield Bubble

Once received, how to use a shield bubble, the item can be thrown like a grenade. After landing, the Shield Bubble will create a large dome around itself that cannot be violated by gunfire or explosives. As such, a dome could be a good place for the interior Fortnite Players find safety, although the effects of the shield bubble will fade after just 30 seconds.

Note that it is possible to create a shield bubble mobile by attaching it to a car Fortnite. Players can also edit the item while on the ground if they like. While time will tell whether this functionality is sufficient for the Shield Bubble to claim victory over the balloons in the forthcoming vote, it can certainly make the item quite powerful in the right circumstances.

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