16 years before the Steam Deck, Sony’s Vaio UX was the coolest portable PC ever

Isn’t the Steam Deck an amazing piece of hardware? Just look at it, hovering the front page of Steam in all its matte black glory, promising those with a lot of patience and money to play modern PC games absolutely anywhere they dare take it. Valve’s machine is a bold and beautiful thing: the current heyday of handheld PC gaming and the start of another generation in a long, random family tree. Its roots are the beefy Game Boys and laptops of the ’90s, but the Steam Deck’s closest (or at least quirkiest) ancestor is the Vaio UX, now sixteen years old but still surprisingly chic.

The elegance of Sony’s Vaios has always come at a cost—a cost so high that even in my dual-credit card phase I didn’t dare order Sony’s palm-sized PC. But did lust ever disappear? imagine owning a very small computerso beautiful it was used in one of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies.

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