Every Merchant In Mondstadt, Where To Find Them, and What They Sell

Mondstadt may be the first region Genshin Impact players can explore, but some traders easily miss it.

Merchants are NPCs that sell a variety of items and are available in multiple locations around the world Jenshin effect. Some merchants have special items that can only be purchased once, such as Marjorie, while other retailers like Charles the Bartender retrieve their products daily or weekly. In addition, some are sold only during the day, such as Flora the Floral Whisper and Draff, the chief of hunters.

Mondstadt is the country of Anemo, one of the seven regions of Teyvat which is often referred to as the city of independence. There are a total of 15 merchants in Moon City who sell a variety of items such as food, recipes and more Jenshin effect Fishing equipment to help travelers on their journey.

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Most of these vendors are found in the city, others are found in random locations. The following article provides information on where players can find it Jenshin effect Merchants in Mondstadt and what they sell.

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Every merchant in Mondstad, where to find them and what they will sell under the influence of Jenshin

Merchant Location Item
Marjorie, with Comes Glory Souvenir Shop, Mondstad City
  • Agnidus Agate Sliver
  • Sliver in Varunada Lajuri
  • Air turquoise sliver
  • Shivda Z Sliver
  • Earth Topaz Sliver
  • Vajrada Amethyst Sliver
  • Tile of the Decarabian Tower
  • Boreal Wolf’s Milk Teeth
  • The shackles of the dandelion gladiator
  • Memories of Roving Gals
  • Jenshin effect Northlander Sword Billet
  • Mora

Souvenir shop:

  • Windbloom Festival commemorative balloons
  • Windsor lire
  • Wind-blessed harpastum
Blanche, Mondstadt General Products General Products, City of Montserrat
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Onion
  • Milk
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Potatoes
  • Wheat
Sarah, Good Hunter Across common goods, the city of Mondstadt
  • Teyvat fried eggs
  • Chicken-mushroom skewers
  • Fishermen’s toast
  • Flour
  • Cream
  • Smoked foul
  • Butter
  • Ham
  • Sugar
  • Crab row
  • Jam
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Sausage


  • Mint jelly
  • Tea break pancakes
  • Burning red bolognese
  • Cream stew
  • Cala Lily Seafood Soup
  • Boil the matsuta
  • “Pile ’em up”
  • Crispy potato shrimp dish
Wagner, blacksmith Kamar, the town of Mondstad
Schulz, Smith’s apprentice Kamar, city of Mondstadt
  • 1-star weapon, refresh every day
Flora, Floral Whisper (during the day only) Near the entrance to the town of Mondstadt
  • Sweet flowers
  • Windwheel aster
  • Cecilia
  • Small light grass
  • Cala Lily
Nantucket, Mondstad Angler Outside the city walls of Mondstad
  • Source: Redrot bait
  • Source: False worm bait
  • Source: Fake fly bait
  • Windtangler
Shilio, Jewelers In front of the Angel shares, the town of Montserrat
Charles, bartender Shares of Angel, the city of Mondstad
  • Wolfhook Juice
  • Berry and mint burst
  • Apple cider
Brooke, Chef Springwell
  • Slices of meat
  • Chicken-mushroom skewers
  • North smoked chicken
Harris, Chef Dragonspine Adventure Camp
  • Radish Veggie Soup
  • Slices of meat
  • Jewelry soup
Drafts, head hunters (during the day only) Springwell
Chloris, botanist Northeast of the Windridge’s Statue of the Seven, near Pathwalk
  • Snapdragon
  • Mint
  • Wolfhook
  • Valberry
  • Philanemo mushrooms
Hopkins the Marvelous (during the day only) Springwell
Goth, Goth Grand Hotel boss (during the day only) Montserrat City, near the fountain south of the Knights of Favonius headquarters
  • Blueprint: Deadwood road sign
  • Blueprint: Ordinary single-person tent
  • Blueprint: Electrical protective tent
  • Blueprint: Adventure Camp

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