Evil Dead The Game beginner tips

Playing Evil Dead the Game can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. We played enough to be able to develop great tactics that could be the winner of the game. The tips below are for survivors, but you’ll find tips for daemon players further down.

Early Tips for Survivors

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Use the tips below to get a foothold on the daemon player.

  • Use your main map before you go anywhere.
    • The game lets you identify the locations you’re going to, and at first, it only gives you the names of the locations you need to visit.
  • Always use a car.
    • They are everywhere for a reason. You can’t run around the map all the time, and cars will keep you from being terrified as you have to concentrate on catching the daemon player with you.
  • Always carry crates after finding Kandarian daggers and necronomic pages.
    • Any good daemon player will put a jumpscare on them, but it’s worth the extra fear.
  • Take the time to use Pink F after finding it.
    • It may seem tedious, but it can go a long way, and at the end of the match, you’ll be happy to upgrade.
  • Always take time to revive your teammates.
    • Since you have unlimited revival, you have to keep each other alive because losing a player before the final fight can be detrimental.
  • Do the finishers
    • They take a little longer, but they overcome fear, and that’s important.
  • Be sure to use amulets.
    • These may seem tedious but very helpful. There is nothing wrong with more health.

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Beginner tips for devils

This is the role of the dungeon master. You build deadlines and make the road to necronomics harder. Follow these tips for best results.

  • Booby traps crates from Candarian daggers and necronomic pages.
    • They will always occupy these because they have a pink F, so be sure to add that extra fear.
  • Keep collecting infernal energy orbs.
    • All you can do is keep getting these Arabs as you can continue to level up over time.
  • Save your boss mode for the end.
    • The final attack on the survivors and the physical attack on the survivors should be reserved for necronomics. At that time you will need big health and huge attacks.
  • Destroy the necronomicons, forget the survivors
    • When that Necronomicon is activated, focus on destroying it. Don’t worry about survivors; The nearest corpse will suffice for them. Destroy it, you will win, regardless of who is still alive.
  • Follow the survivors
    • It is important to always be close to the survivors so that when the moment comes you can claim them. If you are behind them too much, you will waste time catching.
  • Hold a survivor and separate them from the team.
    • It may be fun to attack survivors with someone you have, but they will usually focus on what they have captured. It would be better to separate the person from the group and send them to a place with dead dates. Once you stop capturing them, make them fight the dead and they will be more afraid and they will continue to die.

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