Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Starsilver

Launched a new ore Jenshin effectThe version 1.2 update is Starsilver, which can be used by blacksmiths to create new weapons. Although there are many locations Jenshin effect To farm Starsilver, here is the most concentrated location and the fastest route.

Starsilver is a new asset Jenshin effect Which was brought by the version 1.2 update with the Crimson Agate, which could be given to Frostbearing Trick in exchange for a reward. While exploring the new area Dragonspine, travelers will find a quest called Festering Fang and after finding 3 strange teeth, they will be tasked with finding 50 Starsilver. This may seem like a lot, but ore can be collected quickly by following a certain path. Remember that Starsilver Ore is located in Dragonspine only Currently

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Updated on May 13, 2022, By Scott Vengel: Although Starsilver originally took a back seat as an element in the Genshin Impact, valuable ore deposits still hold much relevance to physical DPS and crew characters. Since its release in version 1.2, Starsilver has had more use than its original condition. As such, this article has been updated to include an up-to-date item list and some more insights into the collection.

Starsilver position in Jenshin Impact

Because Starsilver is a rare ore Jenshin effect, Takes a little time to resurrect. Like the crystal block, it took 48 hours to recover but fortunately, it ended well. 50 deposits located around Dragonspine. The fastest way to collect a lot of Starsilver is to travel along the edges of Dragonspine. In particular, there are several nodes in the upper half of the dragonspine that are highly concentrated with starsilver deposits. Some deposits will even drop 3-4 starsilver.

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Players should be able to travel along the outer edge of the dragonspine and along the beach Quickly collect a large amount of Starsilver. To speed up the process, it is important to equip a character who uses a clemor as a weapon, such as a deluk, noel or razor. But characters that use explosives like Amber or Cleary will also work well.

Other great areas for collecting Starsilver include the southernmost islands in the region and near the Embedded City Outskirt. In general, most of the Starsilver can be found by making your way across the region’s borders with Liyue, Mondstadt and the sea. That said, valuable ore can be found in most parts of the region.

What is Starsilver Ore Used for in Jenshin Impact?

After collecting enough Starsilver, travelers can go on to create new Dragonspine weapons familiar to blacksmiths. With Genshin effect Update 1.2, as well as warming bottles. Warming bottle only requires 2 starsilver craft, Each of the weapons requires 50 Starsilver To create, it is important to cultivate resources for travelers who want these rare weapons.

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One of these weapons Dragonspine spearTo make that, you need to complete the Festering Fang World Quest to get the blueprint of the spear along with 8 festering teeth. With this, there is a 60% chance of landing an ice on them in a normal and charged attack, and the opponent affected by the crew is dealt with a 200% attack DMG. Because a lot of advantages have been given to the Cyro characters Jenshin effect Along with the dragonspine spear, it makes a great weapon for users of cryo polararms like Rosaria and Shenhe.

Known as Claymore Snow-Tomb Starsilver Another weapon that uses Jenshin effectIts Starsilver ore, but players speculate that it could be a powerful weapon for the upcoming five-star crew character Euler, especially for those who can’t pull a five-star weapon from a tree. . In addition to 50 Starsilver ore detection, it also requires 50 crystal fragments

Of the many uses of Dragonspine Spear and Snow-Tombed Starsilver Starsilver are just a few that have been added. Jenshin effect Since the introduction of version 1.2. All items using Starsilver include:

  • Dragonspine spear (pole)
  • Snow-Tomb Starsilver (Claymore)
  • Glacier (Catalyst)
  • Warming bottle
  • Fine augmentation ore

Warming bottles in particular can be a useful tool for players with difficulty in dragonspine. All you need is 2 Starsilver and 2 burning flower stamens to craft, Warming Bottle is one of the few easy to make items. Jenshin effect. On the other hand, Glacier Dragonspine Spear has a similar effect, it is great for Cryo Catalyst users.

Jenshin effect Now available on mobile, PC and PS4, and currently in development for PS5 and Switch.

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