How to maintain a low fear level in Evil Dead The Game

Fear can be the most annoying part of Evil Dead The Game because it can sometimes come out of nowhere. The more you fear, the easier the monster player has to grab you. Actively keeping your fears low is always the best strategy.

How to control fear in Evil Dead The Game

We have discovered the best strategies to reduce fear through trial and error. It is important to remember that if your fears are too high you will be possessed by monsters.

How to keep your level of fear low

  • Collect matchsticks at any opportunity.
  • Stay in a lighted area like a road because going to a dark forest increases the fear.
  • Stay with the team, especially in the blue circle around them
    • The more you fight alone, the more your fears will increase.
  • If you do not need to open the chest, do not do it. They are often booby-trapped in jumpscare by the devil.
    • The only exceptions are the chests you get from Candarian daggers and necronomic pages. They deserve to be feared because they have a pink F.
  • Stay away from trees.
    • Trees are often possessed by ghosts and can be associated with fear traps. Whenever possible, stay on the road.

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How to reduce your level of fear

  • Use a matchstick to light a fire if your fears are too high.
  • Drink Pink F.
  • Perform finisher on deadites.

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