How to remove Motion Blur on PC in Evil Dead The Game

Some players have reported feeling nauseous due to motion blur in Evil Dead. Things move a bit faster when playing as a monster and the motion blur doesn’t help as much as it should. Be careful, you need to tamper with the game files to remove it, which may not work if done incorrectly.

To remove the motion blur, use the following steps:

  • Go to the bottom left of your computer, Search barAnd type % Application info%
  • Next, go to these folders in order
    • Local folder
    • Evildead
    • Saved
    • Configure
    • WindowsNoEditor
  • Open
  • Add it at the very bottom of the text document and then save it:
    • [SystemSettings] r.PostProcessAAQuality = 0 r.MotionBlurQuality = 0 r.FullScreenMode = 1

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Delete the block and save the text document again to add motion blur to the game. Since the option to play on PC is not readily available, you can do it only on PC. If you make any other changes to the text document, you run the risk of making the game unresponsive. If you want to remove the motion blur, you should only do what we described above.

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