Lost Ark solves problems with bots

Lost Ark discusses measures being taken to combat the growing number of bots infiltrating the game’s population.

lost arkThe developers have just made a statement in an official bulletin regarding the status of the game’s bot and how they intend to address the issue. It comes like many lost ark Players are understandably frustrated with the growing number of bots plaguing the gaming community.

Originally released in South Korea in 2019, lost ark came several years later to Western audiences on February 11, thanks to a publishing deal with Amazon Games, resulting in a big hit for the action RPG genre. The game has consistently remained one of the top five most played titles on Steam every day, while also setting the record as the second most played Steam game of all time with 1.3 million concurrent players. Like a free-to-play game with an addict devilloot style, a huge world to explore and a robust character building system, the game has managed to attract millions of players while holding their attention for countless hours.


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One of the biggest caveats to the free-to-play model is, unfortunately, the ease with which bots can be used to manipulate game systems. As there is no financial risk on the botter’s part, it’s easy to just create another account once or even if they get banned. This resulted in a substantial population of bots infiltrating lost ark‘s, and the developers took some action. Several million accounts have been banned for using bots, area chat has been capped by levels so new characters can’t spam, and automated in-game chat moderation has gotten better at identifying bots, though hopefully it won’t confuse real players. for bots. VPNs have also been blocked, a potentially controversial measure that will help prevent people from circumventing IP bans to the detriment of those using VPNs for harmless reasons.

lost ark deals with bots from the start, and it’s an extremely difficult challenge to overcome for a free game with such popularity. It’s a delicate balancing act to try to implement measures that harm bots without harming unsuspecting players, and it also takes considerable effort to implement systems like two-factor authentication or Captcha. The various privacy laws in each territory in which the game operates also make it difficult to authenticate each player’s identity. For now, the game’s developers have their work cut out for them as they focus on improving the game’s Easy Anti-Cheat implementation and their own native countermeasures.

Although lost ark has had major content updates, it’s so important to work on aspects of the game that affect the community. Bots are a general annoyance for gamers and can also severely damage the delicate economies of multiplayer games, causing massive inflation and flooding the market with currency obtained through bots. lost ark clearly has a long way to go as it strives to get rid of this problem.

lost ark is available on PC.

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