Renewed Shadow Hearts Trademark

There are probably many players who have never heard of the shadow hearts Series. Serving as a PS1 RPG spin-off Koudelkathe first entry in the series gained a cult following, with its sequel Shadowhearts: Alliance gaining more popularity.

Unfortunately, the shadow hearts The series has been largely inaccessible to new players and those who no longer own a PlayStation 2, as the RPG is stuck on the PS2. It hasn’t been ported or remade, but now a trademark has been registered for the series, sparking hope that players will get a chance to play it.


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In Japan, Universal Entertainment registered a trademark for shadow hearts on April 27, which was recently made public. There has been no official statement from Universal Entertainment as to the reason behind the new branding. The series’ original developer, Nautilus, was eventually absorbed by Universal Entertainment and development on the game ended a few years after the release of the series’ final entry, Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

While Universal previously stated that it had no intention of restarting or remaking the franchise, anything is possible. Now that the PlayStation Plus service is gearing up to bring back several games from the PS2 era via streaming, it’s possible that Universal registered the trademark so the series could be offered on the service. However, gamers will have to wait and see when the PlayStation Plus service launches to be sure.

Either way, it’s a very exciting thing for fans of the series. shadow hearts has been dormant for an extremely long time, without even rumors of a continuation of the series. It’s a surprise because Shadowhearts: Alliancethe second title in the series, it was a commercial success and enjoyed considerable appreciation from gamers and critics upon its release.

For those who never managed to give shadow hearts or Koudelka an attempt, the series is based in the late 1800s to early 1900s in an alternate real-world universe. Important historical events and figures often emerge, such as Rasputin and Russia’s last ruling Tsar family, but with a hint of hidden horror. The game also presents a unique take on the RPG format, as players must manage their characters’ sanity points as they fight disturbing creatures that unnerve them. Shadowhearts: Alliance introduced a unique turn-based RPG system that relies heavily on positioning and team combos, and the series as a whole saw the creation of the Judgment Ring system, rewarding players for the perfect timing of their attacks.

However, shadow hearts is still loved by many fans of early 2000s JRPGs, and any sign of life from the publisher is likely welcome news. With any luck, players will be able to revisit Yuri, Alice, Karin and everyone else as new players meet them for the first time.

The shadow hearts series is currently available on PlayStation 2.

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