Texas law allows users to sue Facebook and Twitter for ‘censoring’ their views

A federal appeals court in Texas has issued a ruling that effectively allows Texas residents, or the Texas Attorney General’s Office, to sue Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other major social media networks for moderating content based on the “point from the user’s or someone else’s point of view.”

HB20, “Regarding Censorship or Certain Other Interferences with Digital Expression, Including Expression on Social Media Platforms or Through Email Messages,” says that social media platforms with more than 50 million monthly active users “do not may censor a user, a user’s expressions, or a user’s ability to receive another person’s expression”, based on a person’s point of view or geographic location. It passed in September 2021, but blocked by a federal court a few months later, claiming the law would likely violate the First Amendment, which protects online platforms’ rights to editorial discretion.

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