Weekend Warrior – The Most Evil Friday

We make it through another week, but we arrive at an ominous date to start the weekend. It’s Friday the 13th! Today marks the launch of the game on the last cover of Game Informer, Evil Dead: The Game. And don’t you know it, we posted the entire cover story for this issue online this week. After reading about Ash Williams and his new asymmetrical multiplayer game, we have a lot more to read on the site that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a taste of our original content for you to read over the weekend:

Check out all this and much, much more! And now that those pieces are wrapped up, as is the work week, we’re all ready for a nice weekend off. Here’s what the GI team has planned for the next few days:

John Carson – After surviving a terrible cold (yes, I was a baby about it all week) and a lot of severe weather, I’m ready to have a nice calm weekend without all the tornado warnings, sniffles and tissues. I’m currently playing Salt and Sacrifice for review and hope to roll credits in a few more hours, and so I’m planning to go back to my initial Xenoblade Chronicles game. Sunday is Magic day with the Commander group after a few weeks off for travel/illness. I’m going to flex them with a new deck. Wish me luck!

Marcus Stewart – Elden Ring. Level 134. Malenia. I’m so close to the end, but I’m still looking for other things to do. Will I finally become Elden Lord this weekend? Probably not. I’ll also be walking around town with a friend and catching up on some fights.

Kristin Williams – I’ve been in the mood for a good simulation game recently, and hearing some of the excitement about Two Point Campus coming made me want to check out the previous game, Two Point Hospital. I’m hooked and will definitely spend more time trying to manage increasingly chaotic hospital situations this weekend. And definitely going out a lot – we finally have good weather here in Minnesota!

Jon Woodey – In addition to my usual FFXIV antics, I’ll be playing a lot of Stardew Valley. I’m a little late to the party, but update 1.5 introduced a lot of new content and by extension a lot of mods were updated as well. Sometimes a Warrior of Light needs a break from saving the world to just do some relaxing farming.

Kimberley Wallace – As I play a lot during work, I usually reserve the weekend to catch up on anime and comics. In front of the anime, I’m loving it Spy x Family (so healthy!), salaryman’s club (badminton doesn’t get enough love), and The heroines run the show. If you like Danganronpa, I also recommend checking it out. Tomodachi game. As for the comics, I need to read the latest Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse and Mrs. Marvel: Beyond the Edge.

Jill Grodt – It’s all about updates this weekend. Loot River just made resources more plentiful, and I’m working on eliminating all of your achievements. Also, MythForce has added quests, I still need to check out Sifu’s new content, and I really wanted to drop into Bugsnax again for those little Snax hats! Of course, I have a lot of backlog to go through, but let’s not worry about that. Everyone have a good weekend!

Wesley LeBlanc – I have Citizen Sleeping in my brain. Earlier this week I wrote about what an RPG on Xbox Game Pass is like that absolutely deserves your attention and now, more hours into the game, I feel even more. Go play Sleeping Citizen! I hope to finish this this weekend and get back to playing GTAV. Also, I’m planning to start Evil Dead: The Game this weekend too! Elsewhere, I predict a lot of frisbee with my pups, and possibly, maybe, for some reason, I can keep up with the Halo TV series despite everything in me telling me I shouldn’t.

If you’re a seasoned weekend warrior, you know the drill, but if you’re new, here’s the deal: we want to know what you’re doing this weekend! Are you binge-watching horror movies in honor of Friday the 13th? What games are you thinking of playing? Do you have any recommendations for books, shows, movies, music, comics or food? We’d like to hear about all of this. Share it all in the comments below. Have a great weekend, GI Community!

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