Where to Find Omni Chips at The Joneses

Another batch of Omni Chips has been rolled out to collect players in the 8th week of the current Fortnite season, some of which are in The Jones.

FortniteStarting its 8th week of the current season, XP is offering a new set of challenges to complete players to earn large amounts. The new week has brought another wave of omni chips Fortnite You have to collect players with a trio at a place called The Jones.

FortniteIts omni chips are used as a form of currency for players to access a variety of customization options for omni blade picks. Combined with Tsuki 2.0, one of the new characters in this season of Battle Pass, the highly variable harvesting tool may have “programmed” almost every aspect; From the shape of the blade to the guard, the color of the blade, and even its swinging sound effects.

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Where to find omni chips in Jones

Although Jones’s numerous repetitions were once scattered around the island, the chief Fortnite The protagonist (s) have since teamed up to form a community called The Jones, where players can quickly collect three more omni chips.

  • Omni chip 1 – The first omni chip player can be found at The Jones in the southwestern part of the location. Go to the small lake, where the chip will sit on the edge of the pier.
  • Omni chip 2 – The position of Jones’ second omni chip precedes the first. Head east toward the large granary-like structure and go downstairs to collect the omni chips inside the gel cell.
  • Omni chip3 – The third and final omni chip can be found just north of the second. Climb up the stairs from the prison cell and continue north, where the last chip is stuck under the overturned boat.

Once players are able to collect all three at The Jones, there is another set of omni chips at the nearby Connie Crossroads. Given that the POI is the abode of an IO tank and a common hotspot for dropping players, it is recommended to first grab The Jones chips to arm properly before heading to the hotly contested Connie Crossroads.

In addition to launching a new batch of omni chip locations this week, several vaulted weapons have been relaunched on the island. Part special FortniteIts v20.30 hotfix, flint-knock pistol and hunting rifle are now back in the game. The update also unveiled a long-dormant air strike, which rained down 20 missiles wherever the launching item landed.

Until it will be too long though Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has begun, players still have a lot to do for the rest of the current season.

Fortnite Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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