Wordle Answer Guide May 13 (329)

Are you looking for Wordle’s May 14 (329) answer? How often do you come across those unlucky combinations where you have three letters in the right place, but the other two can be pretty much anything? If you ask me, it’s best to treat them as a chance to flex your Wordle muscle β€” if you can think of six words that fit in two tries, you should pat yourself on the back, not berate yourself for choosing the wrong words. .

Maybe today’s Wordle didn’t give you these problems and you stopped to take a look at our Wordle file? Whatever your reason for clicking, I’m here to help. I can give you a hint, the complete answer to today’s challenge, and if you want to learn how to play I can explain Wordle’s rules quickly and clearly.

Wordle May 14: A Helpful Tip

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