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For a kingdom full of insects, Holo Night There is a surprisingly large space for players to explore. As players progress, they will open up more areas of Halloween so that the level of challenge increases. Holo Night Players will encounter several NPCs on their journey with whom they can interact.

Among these characters is a salesman named Cornifer, one of the first friendly faces the player can meet after jumping into Dartmouth’s well. He is a cartographer and can be found in every major area of ​​Halonest where players can buy a map from him. Cornifer’s position signals to the players by his humming, and as they approach him, he literally moves towards a literal paper tail mapper.

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If players find Cornifer but do not purchase a map before moving on to the next area, NPC will leave a card to send players back to Dartmouth where they can purchase his map from Icelanda along with other markers. To save time traveling back and forth, players can find cornice in every area of ​​Halonest.

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Ancient Basin

There are two ways to enter the ancient basin: either by taking the southernmost tram between Deepnest and the edge of the Kingdom, or by traveling down the Royal Waterway. In both cases, players should make their way to the tram platform for progress.

From the tram platform, there is a passage on the left where players can go. It will lead to the main chamber of the ancient basin, and numerous shady herbs are crawling around it and scaling the walls. At the far right, players will find several paths with a fountain that provides a vessel fragment after submission. 3000 Geo. Directly below the fountain, players will run to the friendly humming mapmaker.

City of tears

Players will probably enter the City of Tears for the first time when they travel to the suburbs to use the City Crest, recovering the bridge between the city and the fungus waste. From this entrance the short path to Cornifer’s location is locked, and so players must travel south until they reach town properly.

After reaching the bottom, the path to the left will lead players towards Nelsmith who can upgrade the Knight’s Nail. Going to the right, before meeting the Hornet in the waterfall, players can take an elevator to find Relik Seeker Lem, who will buy debris from players collected during their journey.

Continuing from the lem, the player has to fight various enemies as he climbs, defending many items, geo and other collectibles. Using elevators and mantis claws for travel, players will eventually come across a familiar stray sheet of paper. While following this path, Knight will be trapped in a small arena with a heavy, lance and wing sentry who must be defeated to open the gate. The cornice is in the upper room, next to a bench that will drive the player 150 Geo To open the lock.

Crystal Peak

Players may first enter the Crystal Peak via the Forgotten Crossroads, directly before the Black Egg Temple, but will need their lumafly lanterns to view the dark passage and communicate with a toll machine. Players then have to pay 50 Geo To open the way to the next area.

Once inside Crystal Peak, players must follow the path to the right across the conveyor belt and through large gaps. There will be Husk Miners who throw their tools at the Knights when they use their picks as a slashing weapon. Before entering this room, players can find a bench in the room to the right.

Using the Mantis Claw to climb to the top, players can mount a vertical belt where there is a patrol glimpback before continuing the climb. At the top, players will find a groove but it is currently stuck behind a gate. There are several crystal crawlers in the side room that occasionally fire deadly lasers that the player should avoid as they continue their climb. Once crossed, there is an exit on the left that players can happily find Cornifer humming.

The deepest

There are two places in the Deepnest where the Knight Cornifer may face, depending on which entrance they use, but he will not murmur for fear that he will give up his position to the terrifying crawlers living in the area. It is advisable to keep a lumfly lantern to make it easy to navigate around in the dark.

If the players enter the deepest after defeating Mantis Lords in the fungus waste, the player is feared behind an edge as he moves left and up from the entrance. However, if players come north from Queens Garden, they will have to go south and turn left to find Cornifer near the failed tramway.

Fog Canyon

Although it is possible to enter the Fog Canyon before the game, players will not be able to fully explore it until much later. There are two ways to get to Cornifer and the player has to unlock the Shed Clock or Ismar Tear to get to it.

As you approach Cornifer’s location on the left, players can find the house either through Greenpath or by traveling upstairs from Queens Station. The fog will lead to an acid pool, platform and a room filled with oomas on the right branch in areas like the central column of the fog canyon. As the player progresses through this room they will be able to hear the cornice, but the path is blocked by a shed gate. Using the Shed Clock, players can dash through the Shed Gate and find their way to Cornifer.

The other way is to tear Ismar’s tear to swim through a small pool of acid opposite the location of the leg eater in the fungus waste. This will take players straight to the Fog Canyon where they can move left until they reach the room where the cornice is stuck.

Forgotten crossroads

This is the first place where players may encounter Cornifer and one of the easiest places to find him.

After descending to the coupe from Dartmouth, players must go to the left and enter a large room with a suspended platform and several groovers, crawlids and ticks. Players must reach the bottom of this area, carefully avoid danger when they come down, and go through the opening at the very bottom. The cornice can be found in the room on the right.

Mushroom waste

Like many areas of Halloween, players can enter the fungus waste from a few different directions. After defeating Falls Knight and Hornet, players can naturally make their way to the fungus waste to find Tear City as a way.

Moving south-east of Greenpath, players will have to go through a small part of Fog Canyon to discover Queens Station. At the top right of the station, players can continue to the right to find mushroom waste, and cornice can be found below and to the left.

If players throw in the fungus waste from the forgotten crossroads, they will have to continue the path to the south and left. In this room, they have to fight two Shrumal Ogres to open the front gate. Players will then have to go down, cross the projected-spit spores, and go to the left while avoiding acid, following the familiar sound of Cornifer’s humming as they approach him.


Players will be able to enter Greenpath after acquiring the first spell from the snail shaman of the ancestral mound. The entrance to Greenpath can be found south of Grubfader’s location on Forgotten Crossroads, through another path that flows to the left.

Using the vindictive spirit, players can defeat Elder Baldur who blocks the way and goes to the left to enter Greenpath. The Greenpath road is quite linear compared to other areas of Halonest, and players will run along the path to the Hornet, which unfortunately is not leading the players to Cornifer.

After following the path as far to the left as possible, the players must then proceed to the bottom and move to the right. The Cornifer can be found in a small area of ​​Greenpath where there are volatile muskrats and squits patrolling the space, platforms that could be cut off for easy navigation in the future.

Screaming Cliffs

To reach the Howling Cliffs, players will need a mantis claw, which can be found by scaling the back wall to the left of Dartmouth and through the Kings Pass. Return to the first room Knight enters after the initial cutscene and turn left to find a hidden passage that leads to Howling Cliffs. Although the area can also be accessed via Greenpath, players will still need Mantis Claw to move forward.

At the bottom of the hill, in addition to meeting one of the Nailmaster brothers, Corniffer is also seen scribbling on one of the paths leading to the right.

The edge of the kingdom

Although there are several ways to get to the edge of the Kingdom, the fastest way to get to Cornifer is through Tears City, especially Kings Station. In the room directly below the Stage Station platform that Knight can use, players will find a broken bench and a dilapidated platform with two Vengeflies on the right. If players jump into a small pool of water and continue to the right, they will find a shortcut to a hidden area of ​​the city.

Avoid the Bellfish as they jump towards the Knight and continue to travel to the right. Players can also free the grooves stuck here along the way.

Queen’s Garden

The easiest way to get to Queens Gardens is through Fog Canyon and players will need Ismar Tear to get there. From Queens Station, players can reach the Fog Canyon and continue climbing through the area with floating Uomas and Omas until they reach the first path on the left branch. There will be a large acid pit and spike but, with Ismar’s tear, players will be able to swim through the acid and reach Queen’s Garden.

Continue to the left until the first Mantis faces Petra. Here is the path to the stag station above, but the route is blocked until the players hit the switch, so they have to continue for the time being. Players must descend into the area with the temporary platform until they reach the bottom and go to the right. In this next area, players will face a brief battle with more Mantis Petras where the way out is sealed until they are all defeated.

Once the players have won, continue to the right where there will be a mark with a single sheet of paper and a bench. Follow this to find humming cartographers.

Royal waterways

From the City of Tears, players can find a locked hatch at the bottom of the Relic Seeker Lame position. A simple key is needed to unlock the hatch, which opens the way to the Royal Waterway. Players are advised to carry a lumfly lantern before heading to the Royal Waterway to facilitate travel.

After descending into the hatch, players must go to a left and cross two pillflips to move downwards. Instead of following the path to the bench, players have to go to the left and make their way across the room with Hurmps. At the top left, there is a small opening where players will see a paper of Cornifer, which will take you to an area with Flukmans.

Follow the path around and continue to travel to the left, but players should keep in mind that there is a mask shard on the left at the bottom of the large house pool. In the next room, players will be locked and the enemies that appear to unlock the gates must be defeated. On the far left, players can use the mantis claw to climb to the top and reach the cornice, who will be sitting on the top platform in the area.

Holo Night Available on PC, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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